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Pupils Rewards


Throughout the day, week, month and term the children here have plenty of ways to earn rewards.

Daily, the children have access to a personal behaviour chart, on this chart they have activities they choose to do during reward time as long as they have accessed all their learning for that day and showed appropriate behaviour.

As well as this the children have the opportunity to earn Merit Points all day, every day. These can be given for a number of things including good manners, super sitting, excellent behaviour for learning, great answers, the list is endless! Merit points can be exchanged on a Friday for a prize from the Merit point boxes, or saved for the next box up.

On a Friday the children also have access to Golden Time providing their behaviour for learning has been good throughout the week.

As well as this every half term the children can earn a reward trip based on their attendance, trips we have taken part in in the past include the pantomime, trampolining and climbing.