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Learning with Us

At Woodlands, we recognise that our curriculum is created and driven by the best interests of our learners.  The curriculum is broad, balanced but flexible enough to ensure learners are fully prepared for life after Woodlands.  We want to encourage our pupils to be engaged, enquiring and resilient within both their lessons and in the broader context of school. 

Our ultimate aim is to empower our learners to be independent, emotionally intelligent and successful members of society.  Our curriculum provides every opportunity for this aim to be realised through an holistic approach. 

Woodlands emphasises self-knowing and honouring who you are, learning to set realistic and achievable goals, and in retrospect, regularly examining the path you have taken to achieve your goals.  Holistic learning honours life experience, both achievements and road blocks, with a focus on both what went well and what didn’t go as planned.  It supports pupils to successfully work independently, as part of a time, for the benefit of themselves, other and the wider community. Woodlands believes that learning is in everything we do and self-reflection is the key to understanding yourself and becoming a happy and strong adult. The academic curriculum model is academic and pastoral as both are intrinsically linked to the success of our pupils.