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Governing Body


Please see the directory below for governor information

LGB Terms of Reference
▪ Seek to understand and question how the school is led and managed, acting as a critical friend: the school Headteacher/Head of School will report on how the school is fulfilling the Trust’s ethos, vision, and strategy.
▪ Act as the panel when reviewing the school Headteacher/Head of School’s decisions on exclusions, and other committees as required.
▪ Be the consultative body for the school’s stakeholders.
▪ Represent the school’s stakeholders.
▪ Forge links with the community and provide a vehicle for Trust board engagement with the school, its parents and local community, to help ensure that the Academy Trustees stay connected.
▪ Act as an ambassador for the school.
▪ Monitor and challenge, reporting on concerns from the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the Trustees Educational Standards Committee.
▪ Bring issues and risks to the attention of the Trust Board.
▪ Provide constructive feedback to the Board where a policy may not be effective in the local context, and suggest alternative approaches.
▪ Help ensure the Trust works as one entity, in the interests of all its schools equally.
▪ Deal with any other matters which the Board of Trustees may refer from time to time.
▪ Report to the Board of Trustees annually on members contribution and the impact of the LGB.
▪ Ensure value for money is being achieved from school budgets. (This does not include formal financial accountability which is delegated to the CFOO).
▪ Provide a consultative forum for the school for the implementation of new policies and procedures.
▪ For church schools, to monitor and support the Christian distinctiveness and church ethos of the school.
▪ Make recommendations to the Trust board on pay progression for teaching staff.
▪ Act as the panel for salaries, complaints and pupil and staff disciplinary/dismissal committees.